Support children in need by buying Art

When you buy Art from Emil Tonne, you automatically help children in need.

Emil has decided to donate 5% of the profit from every sale, to different NGO projects who help children in need.

Right now the donations goes to the Danish organisation Børnenes liv, (Children´s Life)

Children´s Lives is working on a project to improve education, opportunities and rights for vulnerable children and youth in Nicaragua. The long term goal is a sustainable education model, addressing the underlying causes of the “street kid” problem by providing an on-going system of education, vocational training, remediation and improvement will be in place. The project will stimulate the financial well-being of Nicaraguan youth, affording them the hope, means, and the ability for an improved future, as well as teaching them to advocate for their rights

Children´s Life is established only by volentary work, so all the donations goes directly to the aid.

Please read more about the cause on there webpage by following this link: 

Mobil: +45-26608045      E-mail:    Adresse: Buchwaldsgade 51C, 1. 5000 Odense C