Pluralissimo (sculptures)

A selection of sculptures from the series: Pluralissimo


Is a collection of small sculptures, which takes its origin in the philosophical concept of Pluralism and tries to examine parts of human diversity, through expressive and subtle sculptures.

Each sculpture is shaped around a wine bottle, which is to symbolize the "wine of life", "the blood" or "life energy" and our common universal origin.

The common core in the bottle bodies of the sculptures represents all the things we have in common and the things that unite us.

The different human figures that are shaped on the outside of the bottles, symbolize the things that make us different from each other and our need to be unique individual beings.

The sculptures are very different, and show us parts of the human diversity, but they all have a common foundation, starting point and interior.

The sculptures can be seen as a celebration of the human diversity and at the same time as a reminder to us all, that even though we are unique beings, we are also very much united and alike.

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